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picture of Kathryn L. Beers
Kathryn Beers, Leader, NIST Circular Economy Program

Data and Decision Tools

Kelsea Schumacher
Kelsea Schumacher, Mass Balance Accounting Methods for Circular Polymers
Credit: Kelsea Schumacher
Josh Kneifel, Economist, Life Cycle Assessment of Polymers to Improve Circularity
KC Morris
KC Morris, Information Modeling and Testing Group Leader, Manufacturing in a circular economy
Yamil Simon
Credit: Yamil Simon
Gretchen Greene
Gretchen Greene, The Circular Economy Resource Registry
Credit: Gretchen Greene
Raymond Plante
Raymond Plante, The Circular Economy Resource Registry
Credit: Raymond Plante
Ali Daoudi
Ali Daoudi, Developer, The Circular Economy Resource Registry
Credit: Ali Daoudi
Nehika Mathur
Credit: Nehika Mathur
Vincenzo Ferrero
Credit: Vincenzo Ferrero
Maya Reslan
Credit: Maya Reslan
Buddhika Hapuwatte
Credit: Buddhika Hapuwatte
Noah Last
Noah Last, Communications Specialist, Circular Economy in Manufacturing
Credit: Noah Last
Abheek Chatterjee
Credit: Abheek Chatterjee

Polymer Science

Sara Orski Profile Picture
Sara Orski, Research Chemist, Improving Recycled Polyolefin Speciation via ML transmutation of IR measurements
Credit: Daniel Greb, NIST
Photo of Dr. Chase Thompson
Chase Thompson, Research Chemist, NRC Postdoctoral Fellow
Credit: Anne Walker
Aaron Burkey Photo
Aaron Burkey, NRC Postdoctoral Research Associate

Environmental Impact Assessment

Andrew Madison
Andrew Madison, Electrical Engineer, Nanoplastic Arrays for Microspectroscopy Calibrations
Dr. Robert Gutierrez
Credit: Dr. Robert Gutierrez

Textiles, High-Tech, and Construction

Photo of Zachary Trautt
Zachary Trautt, Materials Research Engineer, High Tech Waste
Amanda Forster, Materials Research Engineer, Circular Economy for Textiles
Laura Espinal
Laura Espinal, Materials Scientist, High Tech Waste
Credit: Laura Espinal


Created December 2, 2021, Updated April 7, 2023