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KC Morris

KC Morris leads the Information Modeling and Testing Group. Her research interests are in Smart and Sustainable Manufacturing, and techniques for design, testing and evaluation of systems and standards. KC Morris has worked with numerous consensus-building organizations in the development and validation of standards to support integration. Currently she is leading research aimed at standards development for performance assurance for smart manufacturing systems with an emphasis on standards that will enable better evaluation of the impact of manufacturing on the environment. Her past work has included architecting and prototyping a variety of standards-based systems integration scenarios in collaboration industrial partners. She was a key contributor to implementation standards for ISO 10303 (a.k.a. STEP – the Standard for the Exchange of Product Model Data), lead developer for NIST's public-domain STEP Toolset, and leader of the XML Testbed project that provided tools to support the development of information standards based in XML. KC has been a technical contributor to the ISO working groups and to several industrial consortia, including the Open Applications Group (OAGi), FIATECH, PDES, Inc. and National Industrial Information Infrastructure Protocols Program (NIIIP).


Created October 9, 2019