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STEP: The Grand Experience



Sharon J. Kemmerer


This is a definitive work on the technical and administrative work dedicated to developing a product data exchange standard (ISO 10303, commonoly known as STEP -- Standard for the Exchange of Product model data). Although the text focuses on the role of NIST in the STEP effort, it also describes the role and efforts of the many partners that have worked with NIST to make STEP happen. NIST's effort in product data exhcange standardization has helped to expand its role in physical measurements and calibrations into the arena of: -validation, conformance, and interoperability testing; -development of information technology (IT) tools that support the implementation of IT standards; and -dissemination of information about the standards. A further objective of this document is to inform the reader as to the importance of standards in facilitating the ability of companies to manufacture and use their products.

Special Publication (NIST SP) - 939
Report Number


IGES, ISO 10303, product data, product data exchange, standards, STEP
Created October 1, 1999, Updated February 14, 2019