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Reference Materials and Standards

Bullet casing standard reference material. Credit: NIST
NIST offers tools that help forensic crime laboratories validate their analytical methods and ensure accuracy in their test results. Some of the most popular Standard Reference Materials (SRMs) are listed below. For ordering information, see our SRM ordering policies.  


The National Institute of Justice Standards and Testing Program develops and publishes equipment standards that specifically address the needs of law enforcement, corrections and other criminal justice agencies.

ASTM International develops standards for forensic science investigations. These apply to procedures for investigations of documents, gunshot residue, polygraph examinations, ignitable liquid residue extraction and others. See the ASTM Forensic Science Standards website. Please note that fees apply to ASTM standards.

The National Fire Protection Association develops codes and standards to prevent and manage the impact of fire disasters, including standards for arson investigators. See the NFPA list of codes and standards.

NIST Standard Reference Materials

Blood Alcohol

1828bEthanol-Water Solutions
2891Ethanol-Water Solution 0.02%
2892Ethanol-Water Solution 0.04%
2893Ethanol-Water Solution 0.08%
2894Ethanol-Water Solution 0.1%
2895Ethanol-Water Solution 0.2%
2896Ethanol-Water Solution 0.3%
2897aEthanol-Water Solution 2%
2898aEthanol-Water Solution 6%
2899aEthanol-Water Solution 25%
2900Ethanol-Water Solution 95.6%

Crime Scene Investigation


2285Arson Test Mixture in Methylene Chloride
2460Standard Bullet
2461Standard Cartridge Case
2905Trace Particulate Explosive Stimulants
2906Trace Explosives Calibrations Solutions
2907Trace Terrorist Explosive Stimulants
8107Additives in Smokeless Powder




2372Human DNA Quantitation Standard
2391cPCR Based DNA Profiling Standard
2392Mitochondrial DNA Sequencing
2392-IMitochrondrial DNA Sequencing


Drugs of Abuse


1507bTHC-COOH in Freeze-Dried Urine
1508aBenzoylecgonine (Cocaine Metabolite) in Freeze-Dried Urine
1511Multi Drugs of Abuse in Urine
1959Drugs of Abuse in Frozen Human Serum
2379Drugs of Abuse in Human Hair I
2380Drugs of Abuse in Human Hair II
2381Morphine and Codeine in Urine
2382Morphine Glucuronide in Urine
8444Cotinine in Freeze-Dried Human Urine



Proficiency Test Results

NIJ Standard for Color Test Reagents/Kits for Preliminary Identification of Drugs of Abuse (from NIJ)




Created September 16, 2013, Updated August 25, 2016