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Stone description: greenish-gray

Wall Number Sort descending Country State Classification Source
10LA41 Mexico Tuff Zacatecas State
10La48 United States Rhode Island Gneiss Diamond Hill
11LA35 United States Virginia Granite Namozine Dist.
11RA39 United States Tennessee Conglomerate Ocoee River Polk Co.
11RB32 United States Virginia Granite Namozine Dist.
11RB38 United States New Jersey Sandstone Princetown
11RB46 Canada Sandstone Cliffton, New Brunswick
12RB34 United States Illinois Limestone Belknap
13RA29 Austria Marble Adnet
4RB16 United States Delaware Gneiss Wilmington
5RA23 United States North Carolina Granite Rockingham
5RA42 United States New Jersey Gneiss Dover
5RB32 United States Colorado Diorite Monarch
5RB42 United States New Jersey Gneiss Bloomingdale
5RB7 United States Ohio Sandstone Cumberland
7RB28 United States California Sandstone Sites
8La40 United States West Virginia Sandstone Parkersburg
9La32 United States Texas Sandstone Range
9RA19 United States Pennsylvania Sandstone Franklin
9RB20 United States Ohio Sandstone Harmer
S1-13 United States Unknown Granite Unknown