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Stone description: Sub-carboniferous

Wall Number Sort descending Country State Classification Source
13RA21 United States Iowa Limestone Bentonsport
13RA43 United States Kentucky Limestone Hopkinsville
13RA44 United States Kentucky Limestone Pilot Knob
13RB15 United States Iowa Dolomite Quarry, Marshall Co.
13RB43 United States Kentucky Limestone Litchfield
5LA14 United States Ohio Sandstone Columbus
6LA5 United States Pennsylvania Sandstone Scranton
6RB2 United States Pennsylvania Sandstone Franklin
7RA19 United States Ohio Sandstone Carrollton
8RB19 United States Pennsylvania Sandstone Corry
9LA9 United States Iowa Limestone Burlington
9LB13 United States Iowa Limestone Burlington
9RA19 United States Pennsylvania Sandstone Franklin
9RA20 United States Pennsylvania Sandstone Uniontown
9RA45 Canada Sandstone Dorchester, New Brunswick