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Stone description: light brown

Wall Number Sort descending Country State Classification Source
13LB22 United States Missouri Limestone Amazonia
5RA1 United States Ohio Sandstone Massillon
5RB1 United States Ohio Sandstone Amherst
6La10 United States Pennsylvania Sandstone Stoneboro
6LB7 United States Pennsylvania Sandstone Yardleyville
6RB30 United States California Sandstone Alameda
7LB36 United States Nevada Andesite Virginia City
7RA18 United States Pennsylvania Sandstone Leboeuf
7RA28 United States Kentucky Sandstone Cloveport
7RB19 United States Ohio Sandstone Amherst
8LA31 United States Kentucky Sandstone Johnson Co.
8RA25 United States North Carolina Sandstone Egypt
8RA26 United States North Carolina Sandstone Morrisville
8RB39 United States New Jersey Sandstone Little Falls
8RB46 United States Washington Sandstone Tenino
9LA38 United States Indiana Sandstone Cannelton
9LA40 United States Illinois Sandstone Pinckneyville
9RA41 United States Illinois Sandstone Carbondale