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Stone description: light drab

Wall Number Sort descending Country State Classification Source
10LA22 United States Arizona Marble Nr. Phoenix
10RA14 United States Ohio Dolomite Van Wert
10RA21 United States Arizona Marble Nr. Phoenix
11LB5 United States Minnesota Dolomite Stillwater
11RB13 United States Missouri Dolomite Dutzrow
12La13 United States Kentucky Dolomite Lincoln Co.
12LB3 United States Illinois Dolomite Lemont
12RA21 United States Iowa Limestone Marshalltown
12RA6 United States Wisconsin Dolomite Milwaukee
12RB9 United States Minnesota Dolomite Winona
13LA8 United States Pennsylvania Dolomite Plymouth
13LB4 United States Wisconsin Dolomite Racine
13RA42 United States Kentucky Limestone Princeton
13RA45 United States Kentucky Limestone Anchorage
14LA1 United States Indiana Dolomite Logansport
14LA47 Portugal Limestone Ilhastro, Coimbra
14RA24 United States Iowa Limestone Bedford
14RA39 Portugal Marble Freduesias of S Miguel Coimbra
14RA47 Portugal Marble Penella, Beira Prov.
14RA8 United States Minnesota Dolomite Reading
14RB5 United States Wisconsin Dolomite Eden
7LB13 Austria Marble Castione
8LB15 United States Wisconsin Limestone Hayton
8LB7 United States Nebraska Limestone Syracuse
8RA3 Portugal Limestone Janianes, Coimbra
9RA14 Spain Limestone Saragossa Prov.