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Stone classification: Tuff

Wall Number Sort descending Country State Source Description
10LA40 Mexico Zacatecas State buff, brown-banded, fine grain, compact
10LA41 Mexico Zacatecas State greenish-gray, fine grain, compact, rhyolite
5LB28 United States California Cordelia gray, coarse andesite
5RB30 United States California Lordsburg dull-red, fine grain, compact, basalt
6LA38 Mexico Oaxaca State light green, fine grain, compact rhyolite
6LB38 Mexico Morelos State light reddish-brown, fine grain, compact
6RA37 Mexico Zacatecas State pinkish, fine grain, compact, rhyolite
6rb33 United States Colorado Castle rock light gray, fine grain, rhyolite
6RB37 Mexico Oaxaca State brown, white-mottled, fine grain, porous
6RB38 Mexico Huehutoca Red, coarse grain, rhyolite
7LA36 United States Arizona Kirkland gray, fine grain, volcanic tuff
7RB45 United States New Mexico Santa Fe light gray, fine grain, rhyolite tuff* (used in Santa Fe Cathedral)
8RA38 United States Arizona Kirkland gray, fine grain, volcanic tuff