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Stone classification: Quartz

Wall Number Sort descending Country State Source Description
10LA35 United States Minnesota Duluth reddish-brown, fine grain, compact, porphyry
10RB49 United States Wisconsin Marquette dark gray, coarse grain, compact, Porphyritic
11RB40 United States Wisconsin Brandon nearly black, coarse grain, compact, Porphyritic
5LA27 Austria South Tyrol Red, spotted with white, medium grain, Porphyritic
5RB28 Austria South Tyrol reddish, white-spotted, medium grainquartz, Porphyritic
5RB34 United States Minnesota Lake Co. dull-red, fine grain, compact, porphyry
6La19 United States Pennsylvania Pine Grove dull-red, coarse grainy, quartz porphyry
7LB23 United States North Carolina Charlotte white, dark-spotted, Leopard Rock, Porphyritic