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Stone classification: Conglomerate

Wall Number Sort descending Country State Source Description
11RA39 United States Tennessee Ocoee River Polk Co. greenish-gray, fine grain, compact
5LB27 Austria Lindabrunn light yellow, coarse grain, porous, calcareous
5LB42 United States New Jersey Morristown reddish-brown and white, coarse grain, compact
5LB45 Hungary Leitha Mts. grayish, coarse grain, porous calcareous
5RA34 United States Connecticut Portland brownish-purple, porous, Triassic
5RA45 Hungary Sommerein pale-buff, fine grain, porous calcareous
5RB26 United States Maryland Cumberland light gray, coarse grain, compact, Lower Silurian
5RB43 United States New Jersey Boonton reddish, coarse grain, compact
5RB45 Hungary Hundscheim buff, drab-spotted, coarse grain, calcareous
6RB11 United States Pennsylvania Pottsville brown and gray, coarse, compact, siliceous
6RB12 United States Pennsylvania Pikesville reddish-gray, compact, conglomerate
6RB13 United States Pennsylvania Friedensburg dark purple, coarse grain, porous, siliceous, Potsdam
7RB35 United States Massachusetts Dorchester vari-colored, compact, siliceous, Puddingstone
9LA36 United States New Jersey May's Landing Atlantic Co. brown, coarse grain, porous, ferruginous
9Lb20 United States Pennsylvania Fairfield red and gray, calcareous, conglomerate