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Thermodynamics Research Center Group Staff

Name Title/Position Email Staff type
Chris Muzny Group Leader chris.muzny [at] Fed
Name Email Staff type
Raaghav Agarwal raaghav.agarwal [at] Fed
Ala Bazyleva ala.bazyleva [at] Fed
Matthew Boyd matthew.boyd [at] Fed
Robert D. Chirico Assoc
Vladimir Diky vladimir.diky [at] Fed
Thomas Dunnington thomas.dunnington [at] Fed
Peter Dvorak peter.dvorak [at] Fed
Theodore Fobe theodore.fobe [at] Assoc
Colton Gardner colton.gardner [at] Fed
Andrei F. Kazakov andrei.kazakov [at] Fed
Heidi Klem heidi.klem [at] Fed
Vadim D. Knyazev vadim.knyazev [at] Assoc
Joe W. Magee joe.magee [at] Fed
Chris Muzny chris.muzny [at] Fed
Yechan Noh yechan.noh [at] IntlAssoc
Kirk Nordstrom darrell.nordstrom [at] Fed
Eugene Paulechka yauheni.paulechka [at] Assoc
Tyler Renken tyler.renken [at] Fed
Demian Riccardi demian.riccardi [at] Fed
Alex Smolyanitsky alex.smolyanitsky [at] Fed
Scott Townsend scott.townsend [at] Fed
Boris Wilthan boris.wilthan [at] Assoc
Nicholas Zarilla nicholas.zarilla [at] Fed