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Boris Wilthan (Assoc)


Boris Wilthan is currently working on the design, implementation and enhancement of data capture procedures for a database on thermophysical properties of metals and alloys. (, DOI: 10.18434/M32153)

His experimental expertise includes:

  • characterization of high temperature carbon eutectic fixpoints by radiometric methods
  • determination of high temperature thermophysical properties of metals with a microsecond pulse-heating method and differential scanning calorimetry
  • measurement of optical properties (reflectance and emittance) in the visible, near, and mid IR with integrating spheres, FTIR radiance comparison methods, and microsecond laser polarimetry
  • calibration and characterization of filters, detectors, paints,  and coatings in the IR


Charles Lucks Award
For significant contribution to the field of thermophysics by a young researcher,
International Thermal Conductivity Conference (ITCC), 2011.


Detection of Dense, Overlapping, Geometric Objects

Adele P. Peskin, Boris Wilthan, Michael P. Majurski
Using a unique data collection, we are able to study the detection of dense geometric objects in image data where object density, clarity, and size vary. The
Created May 25, 2019, Updated December 8, 2022