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ThermoML Opener


A tool for direct viewing of ThermoML files which include data and metadata.  ThermoML files conform to the new XML-based ThermoML IUPAC standard developed primarily by NIST TRC. This program transforms ThermoML files into a .csv file. Download availible: ThermoMLOpenerInstall.exe,


  • Viewer for:
    • Well-structured information from current  and historical investigations on thermophysical properties covered by ThermoML

    • Full provenance on all experimental and estimated data that underpin critical recommendations


Here are three ways to use ThermoML Opener.

  1. Run tmlo.exe (available as ThermoML Opener in your Start menu), press the "Open" usa-button, and select a ThermoML file.
  2. You can right-click on any ThermoML file, select "Open With," then "Other...", and finally select the program C:\Program Files\ThermoML Opener\tmlo.exe. The next time you right-click any .xml file, tmlo will be immediately available in the "Open With" list.
  3. Create a shortcut to tmlo.exe on your desktop. For this purpose, you may open C:\Program Files\ThermoML Opener folder, right-click on tmlo.exe, select "Create shortcut," and then drag the shortcut file on your desktop. After that, you can open ThermoML files by simply dragging them and dropping over the tmlo shortcut.

Liability Statement:

The data and other information in these computer files have been carefully extracted from the original articles by the authors and were checked for completeness by NIST/TRC personnel before posting. Neither the Journal publisher, nor its editors, nor NIST/TRC warrant or represent, expressly or implied, the correctness or accuracy of the content of information contained in these files, nor its fitness for any use or for any purpose, nor can they, or will they, accept any liability or responsibility whatever for the consequences of its use or misuse by anyone. In any individual case of application, the respective user must check the correctness by consulting other relevant sources of information.

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Created February 1, 2017, Updated November 15, 2019