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Former TRC Directors

Dr. Fredrick D. Rossini TRC Director, 1942-1961
Dr. Fredrick D. RossiniTRC Director, 1942-1961
Dr. Kenneth N. Marsh, TRC Director, 1985-1997
Dr. Kenneth N. Marsh, TRC Director, 1985-1997

Dr. Bruno Zwolinski Director, 1961-1979
Dr. Bruno ZwolinskiDirector, 1961-1979
Dr. Michael Frenkel TRC Director, 2000-2014
Dr. Michael FrenkelTRC Director, 2000-2014

Dr. Kenneth R. Hall,  TRC Director, 1979-1985; 1997-2000
Dr. Kenneth R. Hall,  TRC Director, 1979-1985; 1997-2000

Created December 5, 2016, Updated February 9, 2017