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SDO GFSS Webinar

Webinar: NOTICE OF FUNDING OPPORTUNITY (NOFO) for Standards Development Organization Grants for Forensic Science Standards

Webinar Information Session: The NIST Special Programs Office will host a webinar information session for applicants that are interested in learning about this funding opportunity. This webinar will provide general information regarding 2023-NIST-SDO-01 and offer general guidance on preparing proposals. 

Date: September 12, 2023
Time: 1:00PM – 2:00PM Eastern Time
Location: Virtual (connection information will be provided to registered participants prior to the event)

To Register: Participants should email dale.travis [at] (dale[dot]travis[at]nist[dot]gov) indicating their interest in attending the webinar and provide the following information for each attendee: name, company/agency, email address.

Proprietary technical questions about specific proposal ideas will not be permitted, and NIST will not critique or provide feedback on any proposal ideas during the webinar or at any time before the deadline for all applications. However, questions about the funding opportunity, eligibility requirements, evaluation and award criteria, selection process, and the general characteristics of a competitive application will be addressed at the webinar and by e-mail to john.jones [at] (john[dot]jones[at]nist[dot]gov)

There is no cost to attend the webinar, but participants must register in advance by providing their name, agency, and email address to dale.travis [at] (dale[dot]travis[at]nist[dot]gov). Participation in the webinar is not required and will not be considered in the review and selection process.

NOFO Announcement: 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

The following are Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)s regarding the Notice of Funding Opportunity (NOFO) for 2023-NIST-SDO-1: Standards Development Organization Grants for Forensic Science Standards (SDO GFSS).

1. Question: Does the NOFO Requirement in Section I, #2 Program Requirements that states, “Standards produced under this funding agreement will be reviewed by the relevant OSAC subcommittee aligned with the content area and the OSAC’s Forensic Science Standards Board for consideration for placement on OSAC’s Registry prior to final publication by the SDO,” impact the Section 1.2 “Lack of Dominance” provision in the American National Standards Institutes (ANSI) Essential Requirements for Due Process?

Answer: No, this NOFO requirement only requires that the Standards Development Organization (SDO) submits the completed but unpublished standard to OSAC for consideration for future placement on the OSAC Registry.  

2. Question: Is there an alternative grant submission option beside

Answer: is the only option to submit the grant application. Several locations in the NOFO specifically reference and no other forms of applications, such as pages 1, 14, 16, & 17.

3. Question: Is there a possibility for time extensions for SDOs to submit applications? 

Answer: No individual extensions will be issued to maintain the integrity of the competition and NOFO, unless the NOFO itself is extended, then all applicants receive the time extension.  Currently, applications must be received by no later than 11:59 p.m. Eastern Time, September 30, 2023.

4. Question: Will the slides from the webinar be available for attendees?

Answer: Yes, the slides are posted on the webinar public website.

Created July 18, 2023, Updated September 16, 2023