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Telling Time

Jonathan E. Hardis
In Low-Tech Blues [June], you note that we are surrounded by clocks, but lament the lack of systems to set them automatically. Our job is to help fix that. Your

Advances in Atomic Structure Calculations

Charlotte Fischer
Correlation and relativistic effects are both needed for accurate atomic structure calculations of energy levels and their atomic properties. For transition

Standards for Biomaterials

Stephen W. Freiman, John A. Tesk
This paper is a summary of a workshop session during the Workshop on Biomedical Materials and Devices, held June 13-14, 2001. The workshop is part of a series

Duality of Dislocation Content of Grain Boundaries

John W. Cahn, Yuri Mishin, A Suzuki
The Frank-Bilby nist-equation (FBE) can give many solutions for the dislocation content of a grain boundary (GB); most of them are considered to have little

Material Properties of a Sintered α-SiC

R G. Munro
A self-consistent, single-valued representation of the major physical, mechanical, and thermal properties of a sintered Α-SiC is presented. This comprehensive

Testing of an Alternate Smoking Material

Richard G. Gann
ASTM test method E2187-02b is not appropriate for measuring the ignition strength of a cigarette-shaped smoking material that does not have a tobacco column

Energy Escalation Rate Calculator (EERC1.0-03)

L I. Schultz, S Fuller
The Energy Escalation Rate Calculator (EERC) computes an average annual escalation rate for fuel prices, based on the annual energy price forecasts of the

Software Specifications for Build LCC

M A. Ehlen, S Fuller
The report provides a list of guidelines for integrating two software programs that are extensively used by agencies of the federal government to evaluate the

A Suite of Ontologies for Robotics and Automation

Sandro R. Fiorini, Julita Bermejo-Alonso, Paulo Goncalves, Edison Pignaton de Freitas, Alberto Olivares Alarcos, Joanna Isabelle Olszewska, Edson Prestes, Craig I. Schlenoff, Veera S. Ragavan, Signe Redfield, Bruce Spencer, Howard Li
One of the basic requirements for any type of robot communication (whether with other robots or humans) is the need for a common vocabulary along with clear and

Transactive Energy Application Landscape Scenarios

David G. Holmberg, David Hardin, Ronald Melton, Ron Cunningham, Steve Widergren
This paper presents an analysis of the transactive energy (TE) application landscape, specifically examining the transactive process, business functions, actors

Let’s Talk, Robots

Craig I. Schlenoff
This is a short article for Scientific Computing Magazine, at the request of the editor, that describes the IEEE 1872 IEEE Standard Ontologies for Robotics and

Jetting Flow of a Shear Banding Fluid

Paul NMN Salipante, Charles A. Little, Steven D Hudson
In this video we show the jetting behavior of a shear banding worm-like micelle solution in microfluidic flows. The jetting behavior is characterized by a self