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Software Specifications for Build LCC



M A. Ehlen, S Fuller


The report provides a list of guidelines for integrating two software programs that are extensively used by agencies of the federal government to evaluate the cost effectiveness of building-related investments, mainly for energy and water conservation. WinLCCID (Windows Life-Cycle Costing in Design) focuses on life-cycle costing of military construction (MILCON) design; BLCC (Building Life-Cycle Costing), a DOS-based program, has somewhat broader capabilities but is not in a windowed environment. The two programs together accommodate most of the building-related life-cycle costing needs of government agencies. To avoid duplication of programming efforts and to eliminate the need to maintain two programs with similar features and capabilities, the sponsors and developers of the programs have agreed to integrate them into a single new program with graphic user interface.
Software Specifications for Build LCC


Ehlen, M. and Fuller, S. (2021), Software Specifications for Build LCC, Software Specifications for Build LCC (Accessed June 15, 2024)


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Created October 12, 2021