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Biomedical Microtechnologies Group

Develops and advances quantitative physical measurements in biomedicine utilizing micro/nanoscale technologies to understand cells in context of their environment and to bridge the gap between measurements on single cells and tissues.

The Biomedical Microtechnologies Goup engineers and fabricates custom chips and sensors that measure cellular properties, cell-material and cell-cell interactions, tissue responses to drugs, metabolic processes, and basic metrology of biological systems (pressure, flow, size, temperature, optical, electrical, mechanical properties).  Our projects and programs support innovation and commercialization of cell-based measurement tools (e.g. organ-on-chip, flow cytometry), cell-derived therapies (e.g. stem cell, CAR T cells), and biomonitoring/control systems (e.g. drug delivery).  They also provide a foundation toward future growth into the areas of wearable and implantable devices (wireless communication, sensors, flexible materials) as well as quantitative imaging and sensing (linking chemical with physical information).  Overall, the Biomedical Microtechnologies group aims to produce devices that allow biomedical researchers, in both basic and applied settings, access to improved measurement methods and platforms that will enable the future bioeconomy.

News and Updates

Even Better than DNA Origami

DNA is the stuff of life, but it is also the stuff of nanotechnology. Because molecules of DNA with complementary chemical structures recognize and bind to one

Projects and Programs


The FeoC [4Fe4S] Cluster Is Redox-Active and Rapidly Oxygen-Sensitive

Aaron T. Smith, Richard O. Linkous, Nathan Max, Alexandrea E. Sestok, Veronika A. Szalai, Kelly N. Chacon
The acquisition of iron is essential to establishing virulence among most pathogens. Under acidic and/or anaerobic conditions, most bacteria utilize the widely

Label-free surface acoustic wave-based embedded flow sensor

Aurore F. Quelennec, Jason J. Gorman, Darwin R. Reyes-Hernandez
This paper presents a calibration/label-free flow sensor embedded in a microfluidic system. This sensor is based on surface acoustic waves, where the acoustic


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