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TGDC Public Data Gathering Hearings Sept 20-22, 2004


TGDC Public Data Gathering Hearings Sept 20-22, 2004

Monday September 20, 2004
TGDC Subcommittee on Computer Security and Transparency

Panel 1: Voting System Security and Transparency: The Big Picture

Panel 2: Requirements for Evaluation of Voting System Security

Panel 3: Vendor Perspectives on Requirements for Voting System Security

Panel 4: Requirements for Audit Trails


Public Testimony

Tuesday September 21, 2004
TGDC Subcommittee on Core Requirements and Testing

Panel 1: Requirements for a Voting System

Panel 2: Testing Methodology for a Voting System

Panel 3: Review of Applicable Existing Standards

Wednesday September 22, 2004
TGDC Subcommittee on Human Factors and Privacy

Panel 1: Design and Usability as part of the Voting Experience

Panel 2: Accommodating Diversity and Privacy in the Polling Process

Panel 3: Ensuring Access to Voting

Panel 4: Usability Testing of Voting Systems


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