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International Activities



Because greenhouse gases mix completely in the atmosphere, greenhouse gas management requires international coordination and partnerships. For instance, international scientific collaborations help ensure that standards and measurements are consistent across national boundaries and that sound scientific information is available to all participating nations. International collaboration is integral to NIST's mission, and our collaborative efforts include:

Climate Sciences for the Americas: Metrology and Technology Challenges

The Inter-American System of Metrology has undertaken major initiatives in several countries to strengthen measurement and standards infrastructure in the Americas. Member states have hosted several workshops that directly support the activities of the Energy and Climate Partnership of the Americas, with a focus on renewable energy and measurements that support climate studies and greenhouse gas management.

Two graphs at 90 degrees from each other resembling a You Sunk My Battleship game board only with a city instead of boats on the base graph and on the upper graph the atmosphere and wind represented by a cloud with a determined face blowing leaves
Cities and metropolitan areas are complex, comprised of many types of human activities. Tower-based observing networks are used to measure atmospheric GHG concentrations and perform analyses that translate concentration measurement data to emissions data. These analyses use numerical weather prediction and dispersion models to transport both incoming GHGs and those emitted within the city through the atmosphere. Analyses of this atmospheric data combined with spatially explicit emissions models provide a means to quantify urban emissions with fine spatial and temporal precision.
Credit: James Whetstone/NIST

Bureau International des Poids et Mesures (BIPM)

BIPM is an intergovernmental organization that coordinates the activities of member states on matters related to measurement science and standards. On September 26-30, 2022, BIPM along with the World Meteorological Organization hosted an online Workshop on Metrology for Climate Action

The National Institute of Metrology (NIM)  

NIM and NIST have a long-standing academic relationship focused on open discussions and international cooperation, including cooperation concerning standards for greenhouse gases measurement. Most recently, NIM hosted a panel discussion with NIST leadership on the efficacy of the International System of Units (SI). 

In addition, NIST is collaborating on International Standards for:  


Created January 30, 2015, Updated January 9, 2023