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Measuring Stationary Emissions

The NIST Greenhouse Gas Measurements Program develops measurement technologies and standards for continuous emission monitoring from stationary emissions sources  including fossil fuel-fired generating stations and industrial power plants. The objective of these efforts is to increase the accuracy of emissions measurements and ensure that they are calibrated to reliable measurement standards.

A building
Metrology for Coal-Burning Power Plant Emissions Monitoring – (M. Moldover, Physical Measurement Lab) The goal of this project is to create an accurate, SI-traceable measurement system for monitoring the carbon dioxide emitted from the stacks of coal-fired power plants.
A testbed for GHG emissions
Standards Test Beds for Greenhouse Gas Emissions – (R. Bryant, Engineering Lab and A. Johnson, PML) The goal of this project is to create a well-characterized and highly accurate reference measurement system at near industrial scale to serve as a test bed for carbon dioxide emissions measurements.
Adaptive Smoothing Methods for Greenhouse Gas Analysis – (D. Samarov, ITL) Goal: to provide interpolated values and estimates of uncertainty for various greenhouse gas emissions measurements from large urban centers and geographical regions.
Greenhouse Gas Emissions and Transport – (K. Prasad, EL) Goal: to develop and demonstrate a measurement capability and methodology to accurately locate greenhouse gas sources and measure their flux to the atmosphere at urban and regional scales.
Created December 16, 2014, Updated January 4, 2023