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Type98 enables the incorporation of CONTAM within the TRNSYS simulation environment ( and couple with Type56 to perform combined energy, airflow and contaminant transport simulations for multizone buildings. Type98 provides the continued benefit of the full features of CONTAM as it evolves without requiring a redevelopment of a new type as previously required with Type97. This coupling is enable using socket communications messages that are documented in the CONTAM User Guide. The Contam3dExport tool simplifies development of coupled models by extruding CONTAM projects drawn to scale using the pseudo-geometry mode of ContamW.

Example input files and References are provided below.

The table below indicates the compatibility between TRNSYS, Type 98, and ContamX.

Type 98 version TRNSYS version Download Files 18 (64 bit) This zip file contains Type98.dll []
For use with the 64-bit version of ContamX (which must downloaded separately)
Type 98 and
ContamX (64 bit)
18 (64 bit) Zip file contains pre-release version of ContamX and Type98
for 64 bit version of TRNSYS 18 [Type98(].
Type 98 and
ContamX (32 bit)

17 and 18
(32 bit)

Zip file contains pre-release version of ContamX and Type98
for 32 bit versions of TRNSYS 17 and 18 [Type98(]

Type 98 for CONTAM 3.2* 17.2.0005

Includes Type98.dll  and an installer for the Type98-56Coupler program
[Type 98 (3.2)(17.2).zip] (approximately - 409 KB)

Type 98 for CONTAM 3.1 version 2* 17.2.0005

Includes Type98.dll  and the installer for the Type98-56Coupler program
[Type 98 (3.1)(17.2).zip] (approximately - 254 KB)

Type 98 for CONTAM 3.1 version 1 17.0/17.1

Includes Type98.dll, a sample project, and two tools for creating coupled CONTAM/TRNSYS projects.
[Type] (approximately - 3.19 MB)

Example Files


CONTAM User Guide (see Working with TRNSYS section)

Dols, W. Stuart; Steven J. Emmerich; Brian J. Polidoro. (2014). "Evaluating Building Ventilation Strategies Using Newly-Developed TRNSYS/CONTAM Simulation Capabilities." 2014 CIBSE ASHRAE Technical Symposium. Dublin, Ireland, Chartered Institution of Building Services Engineers. PDF

Dols, W. Stuart; Liangzhu Wang; Steven J. Emmerich; Brian J. Polidoro. (2014). "Development and application of an updated whole-building coupled thermal, airflow and contaminant transport simulation program (TRNSYS/CONTAM)." Journal of Building Performance Simulation: 1-21. Journal (or NIST Manuscript)

Created March 9, 2018, Updated July 6, 2021