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Case Studies

CONTAM and other multizone modeling software is often used in the field of building ventilation and IAQ research. However, the use of multizone modeling in more practical applications is increasing. Along with building research, multizone modeling can be applied to areas of building design and operation. More specifically, applications include the design and performance analysis of ventilation, IAQ, and smoke management systems.

The following are brief presentations of case studies of the application of CONTAM, including projects performed by both researchers and designers.


  1. Ventilation in Manufactured Houses
  2. Ventilation, IAQ and Energy Impacts of Ventilation
  3. Energy Impacts of Infiltration and Ventilation in U.S. Office Buildings
  4. Modeling of Three Residential IAQ Control Options
  5. IAQ Impacts of Particle Air Cleaners in a Single-zone Building
  6. Radon Transport in Large Buildings
  7. IAQ Design
  8. Air Balance Analysis
  9. Smoke Management
  10. Hybrid Ventilation
  11. A Collection of Homes Representing U.S. Housing Stock
  12. Airflow and Indoor Air Quality Models of DOE Reference Commercial Buildings
  13. Weather Correlations to Calculate Infiltration Rates for U.S Commercial Building Energy Models
  14. OpenStudio Measure: Adding infiltration correlated for weather
  15. Airflow and Indoor Air Quality Models of DOE Commercial Prototype Buildings
  16. Combined Energy, Airflow, and IAQ Analysis
  17. Ventilation Impacts on Indoor Aerosol Transport and Current HVAC Recommendations for Re-Opening Buildings
  18. Simulation of controls for reducing aerosol exposure in educational spaces using FaTIMA
  19. Estimating real-time infiltration for use in residential ventilation control


Created March 7, 2018, Updated June 12, 2024