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CONTAM Input Data

CONTAM Library files enable CONTAM Input Data to be shared between CONTAM projects. There are four types of library files currently available here: Airflow elements, Wind pressure coefficient profiles, Filters, and Schedules. To use these library files, download them to your computer and copy them to the desired location. You can access the data in the libraries via ContamW using the CONTAM Library Manager as documented in the CONTAM User Guide.


These libraries are documented in the following NIST report (NISTIR6585.pdf)[198K]

All Libraries

Download all libraries ALLDATA.ZIP [12.8K]

Airflow Element Libraries

Download all Airflow Element Libraries ALLAIRDATA.ZIP [10.5K]

ASHRAE Table of Residential Leakage Data

Effective leakage areas presented in Chapter 25 of the 1997 ASHRAE Handbook of Fundamentals.


Miscellaneous Residential Leakage Data

A collection of residential leakage coefficients that have been used in previous modeling studies.


Summary of Commercial and Institutional Building Airtightness Data

A summary of a database of whole building envelope leakage values from the published literature.

CISUM.LB3 [9.3K]

Miscellaneous Commercial and Institutional Building Airtightness Data

Leakage values of commercial and institutional building primarily from measurements.


Wind Pressure Profile Library

Low-rise Building Wind Pressure Profiles

Wind pressure profiles for low-rise walls of buildings having length to width ratios of one, two and three.


Filter Library

Based on correlations of minimum efficiency reporting values (MERV) developed by W. Kowalski and W. Bahnfleth of Pennsylvania State University.

MERV_KowBahn.LB0 [4.93 K]

Schedule Library

Miscellaneous Schedules

Generic non-occupancy schedules used in previous modeling studies.


Created March 9, 2018, Updated August 11, 2020