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Case 10

Hybrid Ventilation

[Eriksson, Jorgen; Asa Wahlstrom, Ph.D. (2002)]

Use of Multizone Air Exchange Simulation to Evaluate a Hybrid Ventilation System ASHRAE Annual Meeting 2002.

This paper describes how a multizone air exchange simulation program has been used to evaluate the performance of a hybrid ventilation system in a Swedish school building. To increase the buoyancy effect, the school was equipped with a solar chimney. Since a low-pressure ventilation system, such as a hybrid ventilation system, may be very sensitive to wind speed, wind direction, and temperature changes, it is important to evaluate the performance of the system for different conditions. First, the sensitivity of the system to changes in the wind conditions was evaluated. The second analysis was to study if the air is transported between the different zones or if all air follows the path designed. Here, a number of combinations of opened and closed doors were tested. In addition, during this analysis different damper authorities were tested. The third analysis evaluated the performance of the solar chimney.

Created March 8, 2018, Updated February 13, 2020