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CONTAM 3D Exporter

The CONTAM 3D Exporter is a Windows program used to convert CONTAM models drawn to scale, using the pseudo-geometry method of ContamW, to three-dimensional models for performing coupled simulations between CONTAM and both EnergyPlus and TRNSYS. It includes the ContamFMU.dll and will package it into a Functional Mockup Unit (FMU) for co-simulation between CONTAM and EnergyPlus as detailed in the CONTAM User Guide. Coupled CONTAM and TRNSYS simulations also require Type98 and ContamX that are both available on the IAQ and Ventilation Software page. CONTAM 3D Exporter can also be used to generate three-dimensional input files for use in performing external CFD analysis with CFD0 software also available on this NIST Multizone Modeling website.

Latest Release


IMPORTANT: The current version of ContamFMU.dll does not work with EnergyPlus versions 9.5 and beyond.

Updated October 15, 2021
64-bit: [Contam3DExport-] (approximately 56 MB)
Requires Microsoft .NET Framework version 4.7.2

Issues corrected in this version:

  • Issue #3: v3.4.0.0 was not creating the COUPLing of MIXing flows in the B18 file and associated Adjacent surface properties.
    This issue was not present in versions prior to

Previous Releases

64-bit: [Contam3DExport-] (approximately 56 MB)


  • ContamFMU.dll is installed alongside of CONTAM 3D Exporter on Windows.
  • is available for Linux:
    64-bit [ContamFMU-3.4.0-Linux.tar.gz] (approximately 45 KB)
    NOTE: Be sure to rename to when packaging it into a Functional Mockup Unit (FMU file) for co-simulation.

Version 3.2
64-bit: [Contam3DExport_SetupProject.msi] (approximately - 62.4 MB)
32-bit: [Contam3DExportx86_SetupProject.msi] (approximately - 51 MB)

Requires Microsoft .NET Framework version 4.5

Created March 9, 2018, Updated November 15, 2021