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Brian Polidoro

Brian J. Polidoro is an information technology specialist in the Indoor Air Quality and Ventilation Group of the Energy and Environment Division (EED) of the Engineering Laboratory (EL) at the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST). Mr. Polidoro joined the Indoor Air Quality and Ventilation Group in November 2001. He is currently an IT Specialist with the group. He works on IAQ related software including CONTAM, the multi-zone indoor air quality and ventilation analysis computer program, ContamRV, the results visualization program for CONTAM, and the CFD0 Editor for integrating the use of CFD with CONTAM. Mr. Polidoro also develops software using the LabVIEW® development system for group needs such as data acquisition and an HVAC system controller. Mr. Polidoro has also developed software tools for the EPA including a filtration enhancement calculator and a building over-pressurization tool. Mr. Polidoro has developed a climate suitability web application to help determine the suitability of a location for using natural/hybrid ventilation. Mr. Polidoro supports the groups IT needs including user support, hardware & software acquisition, web site creation and maintenance, and server administration.


Created October 9, 2019