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IAQ & Ventilation Software

Program Description Latest
Last Updated
CONTAM and Related Multizone Analysis Tools
CONTAM Whole-building, multizone airflow and contaminant transport analysis Jan 8, 2021
CFDO Editor Define CFD domain and visualize results of combined multizone/CFD and stand-alone CFD analysis problems using zero-order turbulence model July 2020
Contam 3D Exporter Create coupled IAQ, airflow, and heat transfer simulation projects between CONTAM and both TRNSYS and EnergyPlus Oct 15, 2021
Type 98 TRNSYS Type for coupled simulations between CONTAM and the Type 56 multizone building energy analysis module July 2020
Contam Weather File Creator Convert EnergyPlus weather files (EPW) files to CONTAM weather files (WTH) for stand-alone, transient CONTAM analysis (Web-based application and downloadable command-line program for Windows) 2.0 Oct 15, 2021
WPC Translator Convert external wind pressures calculated using the CFD0 Editor to CONTAM wind pressure coefficient profile libraries that can be incorporated into CONTAM projects 1.0 Dec 13, 2010
ContamLink Manage material emission databases and export records to CONTAM source libraries for incorporation into CONTAM projects Sep 11, 2012
CONTAM Particle Distribution Calculator Develop user-defined particle size distributions for use in CONTAM projects (Web-based application) 1.0 Jan 31, 2013
CONTAM Results Viewing and Export Tools
ContamRV Graphically visualize CONTAM simulation results in two-dimensional plan views of CONTAM projects July 2020
CONTAM Results Export Tool

Export CONTAM simulation result using graphical interface (Web-based application) July 2020
1DZRead Convert binary results of CONTAM simulations that incorporate one-dimensional convection diffusion zones, i.e., use the short-time-step solution method and non-well-mixed zone assumption along a single one-dimensional axis, to text files 1.0 Jan 4, 2007
Natural Ventilation Analysis Tools
LoopDA Define airflow pathways and size openings for natural ventilation airflows using a graphical elevation view of multizone buildings based on steady-state heat transfer analysis and the loop-equation design method March 13, 2012
Climate Suitability Tool Evaluate weather data, e.g., EnergyPlus weather files (EPW), for natural ventilation potential (Web-based application) 1.0 Nov 28, 2012
CPSC Particle Modeling Tools
Particle Model - Single zone, Single size CPSC airborne nanoparticle exposure tool provides a browser-based front end to a single zone, single particle size CONTAM representation that includes deposition and re-suspension (Web-based application)   May 15, 2018
Particle Model - Single zone, Size-resolved CPSC size-resolved airborne particle model that includes a coagulation kernel, size-based deposition model, and ventilation in a single zone (Web-based application) 0.4 May 15, 2018
Indoor Aerosol Analysis Tools
VHP Mask Disinfection Tool

Evaluate vaporized hydrogen peroxide (VHP) disinfection of N95 masks in small rooms (Spreadsheet)

  April 16, 2020

Model the Fate and Transport of Indoor Microbiological Aerosols  using this browser-based front end to a single-zone CONTAM model (Web-based application)

1.0 May 12, 2020




Created March 7, 2018, Updated October 20, 2021