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CONTAM Parametric Analysis Utilities

ContamFactorial 1.0

You can use ContamFactorial to generate sets of CONTAM project files (PRJ) based on a base input file and a set of user-defined values. This enables you to generate input files to perform parametric/factorial analysis. While the program was developed for use with CONTAM, it can be utilized to generate input files for any software that utilizes text-based input files, e.g., EnergyPlus.

Download the ZIP file and review the documentation and accompanying example files to get started.

The download file includes the following:

  • The ContamFactorial.exe Windows program
  • doc folder - Contains detailed documentation in the form of an HTML file
  • demo folder
    • Input files (PRJ, WTH, CTM) and Values file that are ready to run to generate 12 parametric input files from a base input file
    • contamx3.exe - 64-bit CONTAM simulation engine version
    • - A Python script that enables you to run multiple CONTAM simulations concurrently using a multiprocessing pool

Download ContamFactorial: [] (approximately 1 MB)

EnergyPlus-CONTAM Co-simulation Multiprocessing

This Python tool can be used to run EnergyPlus-CONTAM simulations on multiple IDF/PRJ input files concurrently. This tool will combine multiple IDFs and PRJs into ContamFMU files and launch the simulations using a multiprocessing pool. You provide the IDF, PRJ, and associated files required as boundary conditions, e.g., EnergyPlus weather (EPW) and CONTAM contaminant (CTM) files.

A file is provided for detailed usage information along with example input files that are ready to run using EnergyPlus version 9.1 and CONTAM version 3.4 (included in blank FMU file provided). 

Download the ZIP file: [] (approximately 1.3 MB).



Created March 6, 2023, Updated March 8, 2023