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CONTAM Results Export Tool

Web Application 


The CONTAM Results Exporter Tool enables the user to export all or selected CONTAM results for the entire simulation or a subset of the simulation period.


The CONTAM Results Export Tool has five export options.

  1. Export .sim file to text files: Export results to tab-delimited text files. The results that can be exported include but are not limited to: airflows, pressure differences, and contaminant concentrations.
  2. Compute temporal/spatial averages of concentrations: Export concentration results that are averaged over a user-specified period of time or zones (or the entire building).
  3. Process exposure results: Export exposure results by contaminant or by occupant.
  4. Export infiltration to EnergyPlus: whole building air change rates: Export whole building infiltration rates to EnergyPlus.
    See Documentation below for details.
  5. Export infiltration to EnergyPlus: zone-specific air change rates: Export zone-specific infiltration rates to EnergyPlus.
    See Documentation below for details.


CONTAM Results Export Tool, Brian Polidoro, Lisa C. Ng, W. Stuart Dols, NIST Technical Note 1912 R1, April 2020


Created March 9, 2018, Updated May 12, 2021