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SP 250 Series on Measurement Services

Series Author(s) Title
SP 250-1 J. H. Walker, R. D. Saunders, A. Hattenburg Spectral Radiance Calibrations
SP 250-2 L. R. Canfield, N. Swanson Far Ultraviolet Detector Standards
SP 250-3 J. Z. Klose, J. M. Bridges, W. R. Ott Radiometric Standards in the Vacuum Ultraviolet
SP 250-4 C. G. Soares, E. L. Bright, M. Ehrlich Fricke Dosimetry in High-Energy Electron Beams
SP 250-5a J. M. R. Hutchinson Alpha Particle Calibrations (2004)
SP 250-6 K. L. Eckerle, J. J. Hsia, K. D. Mielenz, V. R. Weidner Regular Spectral Transmittance
SP 250-7
Superceded by SP250-43
W. R. Waters, H. H. Walker, A. T. Hattenburg Radiance Temperature Calibrations
SP 250-8 V. R. Weidner, J. J. Hsia Spectral Reflectance
SP 250-9 J. S. Pruitt Calibration of Beta-Particle-Emitting Ophthalmic Applicators
SP 250-10 J. M. Calhoun Radioactivity Calibrations with the "4 ?" Gamma Ionization Chamber and Other Radioactivity Calibration Capabilities
SP 250-11 J. C. Humphreys, D. Hocken, W. L. McLaughlin Dosimetry for High Dose Applications
SP 250-12 R. D. Schwartz Neutron Personnel Dosimetry
SP 250-13 G. P. Lamaze, J. A. Grundl Activation Foil Irradiation with Californium Fission Sources
SP 250-14 G. P. Lamaze, J. A. Grundl Activation Foil Irradiation by Reactor Cavity Fission Sources
SP 250-15 R. L. Booker, D. A. McSparron Photometric Calibrations
SP 250-16 P. J. Lamperti, T. P. Loftus, R. Loevinger Calibration of X-Ray and Gamma-Ray Measuring Instruments
SP 250-17 Superceded by SP250-41 E. Zalewski The NBS Photodetector Spectral Response Calibration Transfer Program
SP 250-18 E. D. McGarry, E. W. Boswell Neutron Source Strength Calibrations
SP 250-19 J. T. Weaver, T. P. Loftus, R. Loevinger Calibration of Gamma-Ray-Emitting Brachytherapy Sources
SP 250-20 J. Walker, R. D. Saunders, J. Jackson, D. McSparron Spectral Irradiance Calibrations
SP 250-21 J. Pruitt, C. G. Soares, M. Ehrlich Calibration of Beta-Particle Radiation Instrumentation
SP 250-22 B. Mangum Platinum Resistance Thermometer Calibrations
SP 250-23 J. Wise Liquid-in-Glass Thermometer Calibration Service
SP 250-24 B. Field Standard Cell Calibrations
SP 250-26 R. Turgel, J. M. Murlow, D. F. Vecchia NBS Phase Angle Calibration Services
SP 250-27 J. R. Kinard, J. R. Hastings, T. E. Lipe, C. B. Childers AC-DC Difference Calibrations
SP 250-28 B. Field Solid-State DC Voltage Standard Calibrations
SP 250-29 M. A. Lombardi Remote Frequency Calibrations: The NIST Frequency Measurement and Analysis Service
SP 250-30 R. E. Beehler, D. Davis, J. B. Milton GOES Satellite Time Code Dissemination: Description and Operation
SP 250-31 R. S. Davis Mass Calibrations
SP 250-32 R. T. Adair, D. H. Russell A Calibration Service for 30 MHz Attenuation and Phase Shift
SP 250-33 W. E. Anderson A Calibration Service for Voltage Transformers and High-Voltage Capacitors
SP 250-34 S. Dittmann High Vacuum Standard and Its Use
SP 250-35 G. Burns, S. Scroger The Calibration of Thermocouples and Thermocouple Materials
SP 250-36 J. D. Ramboz, O. Petersons A Calibration Service for Current Transformers
SP 250-37 Superceded by SP250-95 Y. Ohno Photometric Calibrations

SP 250-38

C. Ehrlich, S. A. Tison NIST Leak Calibration Service
SP 250-39a D. A. Olson NIST Calibration Services for Pressure Using Piston Gauge Standards
SP 250-40 J. Pruitt Absorbed-Dose Calibration of Ionization Chambers in a 60Co Gamma-Ray Beam
SP 250-41a T. C. Larason, J. M. Houston Spectroradiometric Detector Measurements: Ultraviolet, visible, and Near-Infrared Detectors for Spectral Power 
SP 250-42 A. Migdall, G. Eppeldauer Spectroradiometric Detector Measurements, Part 3 - Infrared Detectors
SP 250-43 C. Gibson, B. Tsai, A. Parr Radiance Temperature Calibrations
SP 250-44 J. C. Humphreys, J. M. Puhl, S. M. Seltzer, W. L. McLaughlin, M. F. Desrosiers, D. L. Bensen, M. L. Walker Radiation Processing Dosimetry Calibration Services and Measurement Assurance Program
SP 250-45 J. C. Humphreys, M. F. Desrosiers, D. L. Bensen, J. M. Puhl, S. M. Seltzer, W. L. McLaughlin, M. L. Walker Radiation Processing Dosimetry Calibration Services: Manual of Calibration Procedures
SP 250-46 N. M. Oldham, M. E. Parker NIST Multifunction Calibration System
SP 250-47 Y. M. Chang, S. B. Tillett NIST Calibration Service for Capacitance Standards at Low Frequencies
SP 250-48 P. Y. Barnes, E. A. Early A. C. Parr Spectral Reflectance
SP 250-49 J. Wright, G. Mattingly NIST Calibration Services for Gas Flow Meters; Piston Prover and Bell Prover Gas Flow Facilities
SP 250-51 P. D. Hale, C. M. Wang Calibration Service of Optoelectric Frequency Response at 1319 nm for Combined Photodiode/rf Power Sensor Transfer Standards
SP 250-52 Y. M. Chang Error Analysis and Calibration Uncertainty of Capacitance Standards at NIST
SP 250-53 J. H. Lehman Calibration Service for Spectral Responsivity of Laser and Optical-Fiber Power Meters at Wavelengths Between 0.4 µm and 1.8 µm
SP 250-54 I. Vayshenker, X. Li, D. J. Livigni, T. R. Scott, C. L. Cromer Optical Fiber Power Meter Calibrations at NIST
SP 250-56 I. Vayshenker, S. Yang, X. Li, T. R. Scott, C. L. Cromer Optical Fiber Power Meter Nonlinearity Calibrations at NIST
SP 250-57 G. E. Obarski, J. D. Splett Measurement Assurance Program for the Spectral Density of Relative Intensity Noise of Optical Fiber Sources near 1550 nm
SP 250-58

P. J. Lamperti, M. O'Brien

Calibration of X-Ray and Gamma-Ray Measuring Instruments
SP 250-59 J. Levine, M. A. Lombardi, A. N. Novick NIST Computer Time Services: Internet Time Service (ITS), Automated Computer Time Service (ACTS), and Web Sites
SP 250-60 R. M. Craig, C. M. Wang Measurement Assurance Program for Wavelength Dependence of Polarization Dependent Loss of Fiberoptic Devices in the 1535 nm to 1560 nm Wavelength Range
SP 250-61 T. E. Lipe Operation and Reference Manual for the NIST Automated AC-DC Calibration Systems and Software
SP 250-62 D. Livigni High-Accuracy Laser Power and Energy Meter Calibration Service
SP 250-63 J. D. Wright, a. N. Johnson, M. R. Moldover, G. M. Kline Gas Flowmeter Calibrations with the 34 L and 677 L PVTt Standards
SP 250-64 R. W. Leonhardt Calibration Service for Low-level Pulsed-Laser Radiometers at 1.06 µm: Pulse Energy and Peak Power
SP 250-65 B. K. Tsai, C. E. Gibson, A. V. Murthy, E. A. Early, D. P. Dewitt, R. D. Saunders Heat-Flux Sensor Calibration
SP 250-67 G. K. Nelson, M. A. Lombardi, D. T. Okayama NIST Time and Frequency Radio Stations: WWV, WWVH, and WWVB
SP 250-69 D. W. Allen, E. A. Early, B. K. Tsai, C. C. Cooksey Regular Spectral Transmittance
SP 250-70 M. E. Nadal, E. A. Early, E. A. Thompson Specular Gloss
SP 250-71 M. E. Nadal, E. A. Early, E. A. Thompson 0:45 Surface Color
SP 250-72 V. E. Bean, P. I. Espina, J. D. Wright, J. F. Houser, S. D. Schekels, A. N. Johnson NIST Calibration Services for Liquid Volume
SP 250-73 I. I. Shinder, I. V. Marfenko NIST Calibration Services for Water Flowmeters: Water Flow Calibration Facility
SP 250-74 R. Minniti, J. Shobe, S. M. Seltzer, H. Chen-Mayer, S. R. Domen Absorbed Dose to Water Calibration of Ionization Chambers in a 60Co Gamma-Ray Beam
SP 250-75 J. Hadler, C. L. Cromer, J. H. Lehman cw Laser Power and Energy Calibrations at NIST
SP 250-77 X. Li, J. Hadler, C. Cromer, J. Lehman, M. Dowell High Power Laser Calibrations at NIST
SP 250-78 John D. Wright, Vern E. Bean, Jesus Aguilera NIST Calibration Services for Hydrometers
SP 250-79 T. T. Yeh, M. Hall Airspeed Calibration Service
SP 250-80 J. D. Wright, J. Kayl, A. N. Johnson, G. M. Kline Gas Flowmeter Calibrations with the Working Gas Flow Standard
SP 250-81 G. F. Strouse Standard Platinum Resistance Thermometer Calibrations from the Ar TP to the Ag FP
SP 250-83 C.W. Meyer, J.T. Hodges, P.H. Huang, W.W. Miller, D.C. Ripple, G.E. Scace Calibration of Hygrometers with the Hybrid Humidity Generator
SP 250-87 Shao Yang Calibration Service for Instruments that Measure Laser Beam Diameter
SP 250-89 H. W. Yoon, C. E. Gibson Spectral Irradiance Calibrations
SP 250-90 A. Hati, C. Nelson, N. Ashby, D.A. Howe Calibration Uncertainty for the NIST PM/AM Noise Standards
SP 250-91 Weston L. Tew Calibration of Cryogenic Resistance Thermometers between 0.65 K and 165 K on the International Temperature Scale of 1990
SP 250-93 R. Berg, J. Fedchak NIST Calibration Services for Spinning Rotor Gauge Calibrations
SP 250-94 L. Hanssen, S. Kaplan, R. Datla Infrared Optical Properties of Materials
SP 250-95 Y. Zong, M. Nadal, B. Tsai, C. Miller NIST Measurement Services: Photometric Calibrations
SP 250-97 M. Boss, A. Dienstfrey, Z. Gimbutas, K. Keenan, A. Kos, J. Splett, K. Stupic, S. Russek Magnetic Resonance Imaging Biomarker Calibration Service: Proton Spin Relaxation Times
SP 250-1039r1 J. G. Pope, J. D. Wright, A. N. Johnson, C. J. Crowley Liquid Flow Meter Calibrations with the 0.1 L/s and the 2.5 L/s Piston Provers
SP 250-1046 A. N. Johnson, J. D. Wright Gas Flowmeter Calibrations with the 26 m3 PVTt Standard
SP 250-1081 A. N. Johnson Natural Gas Flow Calibration Service (NGFCS)


Created January 7, 2010, Updated November 15, 2019