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NIST Measurement Services: Photometric Calibrations



Carl C. Miller, Maria E. Nadal, Benjamin K. Tsai, Yuqin Zong


The National Institute of Standards and Technology provides calibration services for submitted artifacts for luminous intensity, illuminance, color temperature, total luminous flux, luminous exposure and luminance. Additionally, the National Institute of Standards and Technology issues calibrated standards of luminous intensity, luminance, and color temperature. The procedures, equipment, and techniques used to perform these calibrations are described. Detailed estimates and procedures for determining uncertainties of the reported values are also presented along with the internal quality control procedures.
Special Publication (NIST SP) - 250-95
Report Number


Candela, Color temperature, Illuminance, Lumen, Luminance, Luminous flux, Luminous intensity, Lux, Photometry, Standards, Total luminous flux, Unit
Created July 10, 2018, Updated November 10, 2018