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Ordering Instructions for Domestic Calibrations Customers

Attention: Note, beginning March 27, 2019, any new calibration nist-quotes and orders must be submitted through the new NIST Storefront accessed here.

Customer Inquiries

General customer inquiries for information or clarifications about the NIST calibration services should be directed as follows:

Calibration Services
National Institute of Standards and Technology
100 Bureau Drive, Stop 8363
Gaithersburg, MD 20899-8363
1-866-NIST-SHOP (or 1-866-647-8746) phone
301-975-2950 fax

Prearrangements and Scheduling

Services should be arranged in advance, beginning with direct contact with a NIST technical staff member responsible for the desired service. Use the appropriate technical section of the SP 250 to determine whom to contact. This advance communication may answer your questions, clarify the policies and procedures briefly described here, and will permit you to schedule a tentative calibration date. Following the initial communication, you must complete and send in a purchase order and prepare to ship the item according to the procedures described below or agreed upon with the technical contact. If a calibration is scheduled far in advance, the item should not be shipped until shortly before the scheduled date; you must submit the purchase order (complete with the name and service identification number of the desired service) before a firm calibration date can be assigned. When NIST receives your purchase order and assigns a firm service date, your order will be confirmed by the technical contact.

Purchase Orders

Before you ship an item for calibration, send a purchase order to the address listed in the appropriate technical section. The purchase order must:

1. State both the name and number of the NIST service ("Service ID Number") being requested. FAILURE TO INCLUDE THE SERVICE ORDER NUMBER WILL SERIOUSLY IMPEDE SCHEDULING AND SERVICE.

2. Clearly identify the item(s) being sent for calibration, including any serial number(s) or model number(s).

3. Give the name, address, and telephone number of your company's procurement officer, purchasing agent or other administrative/financial authority.

4. Give the name, address, and telephone number of your company's technical contact, if different from above.

5. List separately the instructions and address for return shipment, insurance, mailing address for the calibration/test report, and billing address. (Federal or state agency requests for calibration services should be accompanied by a document authorizing that the cost of the service be billed to the agency.)

6. Clearly state any special or necessary conditions of test, such as operating frequency or temperature.

7. Clearly state the customer identification number; i.e., social security number (EIN) for individuals; tax identification number (TIN) for organizations; or agency location code (ALC) for government customers.

8. If the calibration or test report is to be handled in a special manner, give instructions on the purchase order.

NOTE: Receipt of orders by NIST does not imply acceptance of any provisions set forth in the order that are contrary to the policy, practice, or regulations of NIST or the U.S. Government. In general, NIST will not sign any affidavits, acknowledgment forms, or other documents that may be required by company policy governing the procurement of goods and services.

Remit to

Payment Terms: Net 30 days

No discounts are allowed for early payment.


For NIST invoices, electronic payments can be submitted through by ACH, VISA, Master Card, Discover, American Express or debit card. Go to Bypass the user id and password section; you do no need to be registered with to make a payment against our invoices. To locate the payment forms click on "by Agency Name" on the left hand side of the menu bar. Find and select the National institute of Standards and Technology. Choose the appropriate NIST payment form that best fits your invoice. Complete all required fields and submit your payment.

Note: For ACH payments, please verify with your banking institution that your account is set up to have ACH payments processed.

Remit to Address:
NIST Lockbox accepts check payments for NIST. Please use the following address for all NIST payments:

PO Box 301505
Los Angeles, CA 90030-1505

Please remember that all checks must be drawn on a United States Bank and made payable in US dollars. In addition, please continue to reference the NIST invoice/receivable number on the check stub.

Other Forms of Payment

In addition to checks, NIST also accepts VISA, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express. Customers can supply their credit card information, including the security code, and fax a copy of the invoice to Accounts Receivable at 301-975-8943 or mail the information to:

Mail Stop 1624
100 Bureau Drive
Gaithersburg, MD 20899-1624

NIST Federal Identification Number: 530-20-5706

NIST DUNS Number: 929956050

W-9 Mail to:
Accounts Receivable
Stop 1624
Gaithersburg, MD 20899-1624

Shipping, Insurance, and Risk of Loss

Ship the instrument or standard to the mailing address of the technical group providing the service. Please take note that the mailing address is not the same for every technical group.

Please adhere rigorously to the following procedures:

1. Ship only items in good repair. Apparatus in disrepair will not be calibrated. If defects are found after calibration has begun, the procedure will be terminated, a report issued, and a charge levied for work completed.

2. Use strong, reusable packing materials and containers marked clearly and indelibly on the outside with the requestor's name, address and the following notation: REUSABLE CONTAINER, DO NOT DESTROY.

3. Follow any special shipping procedures given in the technical sections, particularly those sections covering radiation and dosimetry measurements.

4. Insure the shipments to and from NIST and clearly state the method of return shipment. NIST will not assume liability for loss or damage unless such loss and damage result solely from the negligence of NIST personnel. If return shipment by parcel post is requested or is suitable, NIST will prepay the return shipment but will not insure it. When no shipping or insurance instructions are furnished, NIST will attempt to contact the customer to make such arrangements. Otherwise, NIST will return the shipment collect by common carrier.

5. Shipments to NIST must be at FOB destinations. (Customer pays for shipping.)

6. Return shipments are sent FOB origin. (Customer pays for shipping.)

NOTE: Fees for NIST services do not include shipping costs or insurance.

Turnaround Time

Normal turnaround time for NIST calibration services varies greatly -- usually from several weeks to several months depending on the type of service requested, and the service schedule. Some services are only scheduled once or twice a year with appointments made months in advance of the service date. To avoid unnecessary scheduling or administrative delays in the calibration process, always make arrangements with the technical contact for the service you wish to utilize prior to shipping your instrument or artifact to NIST.


Created January 7, 2010, Updated November 15, 2019