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High Effeciency Fast Scintillators for the Development of Optical Soft X-Ray Arrays for Laboratory Plasma Diagnostics

August 20, 2007
L F. Delgado-Aparicio, R Vero, D Stutman, M Finkenthal, K Tritz, G Suliman, H W. Moos, R Kaita, R Majeski, B Stratton, L Roquemore, D Johnson, Charles Tarrio
Scintillator-based optical soft x-ray (OSXR) arrays may in the near future, replace the conventional diode arrays used for plasma imaging, tomographic reconstruction, magnetohydrodynamics, transport and turbulence studies in magnetically confined fusion

Effect of Xenon Bombardment on Ruthenium-Coated Grazing Incidence Collector Mirror Lifetime for EUV Lithography

September 1, 2006
M Nieto, J P. Allain, V Titov, M R. Hendricks, A Hassanein, D Rokusek, C Chrobak, Charles Tarrio, Yaniv Barad, Steven Grantham, Thomas B. Lucatorto, Bryan Rice
The effect of energetic Xenon ion bombardment on the extreme ultraviolet (EUV) reflectivity performance of mirrors is of vital importance for the performance of discharge- and laser-produced plasma extreme ultraviolet lithography (EUVL) sources. To study

Optics for Extreme Ultraviolet Lithography

November 1, 2005
Steven E. Grantham, Charles S. Tarrio, Shannon B. Hill, Thomas B. Lucatorto
Extreme Ultraviolet Lithography (EUVL) is considered by many to be the next generation lithography that will fabricate integrated circuits in the next decade. Although EUVL is conceptually similar to optical or deep-UV lithography, it represents a major

A Simple Transfer-Optics System for an Extreme-Ultraviolet Synchrotron Beamline

April 1, 2005
Charles S. Tarrio, Steven E. Grantham, Robert E. Vest, K Liu
Beamlines at synchrotron radiation facilities often have interchangeable endstations to allow several different experiments to use the output of a single monochromator. However, for endstations that are sufficiently large, this is not possible. We have

Improved Radiometry For Extreme-Ultraviolet Lithography

November 1, 2004
Charles S. Tarrio, Robert E. Vest, Steven E. Grantham, K Liu, Thomas B. Lucatorto, Ping-Shine Shaw
The absolute cryogenic radiometer (ACR), an electrical-substitution-based detector, is the most accurate method for measurement of radiant power in the extreme ultraviolet. At the National Institute of Standards and Technology, ACR-based measurements are

Extreme-Ultraviolet Efficiency Measurements of Freestanding Transmission Gratings

July 1, 2004
D R. McMullin, D L. Judge, Charles Tarrio, Robert E. Vest, F Hanser
We report the results of transmission and diffraction measurements at EUV wavelengths (4-30 nm) for two gratings, one with a line density of 5000 mm-1 and the other 2500 mm-1. Measurements were made to provide absolute transmission efficiency at central

Facility for Pulsed Extreme Ultraviolet Detector Calibration

October 8, 2003
Steven E. Grantham, Robert E. Vest, Charles S. Tarrio, Thomas B. Lucatorto
All of the Extreme Ultraviolet light sources currently under consideration for Extreme Ultraviolet lithography are based on plasmas that emit radiation with a wavelength of approximately 13.4 nm. These sources whether they are produced by a discharge or

Design and Performance of Capping Layers for Extreme-Ulatraviolet Multilayer Mirrors

October 1, 2003
Sasa Bajt, H N. Chapman, Nhan Nguyen, J Alameda, J C. Robinson, M Malinowski, E Gullikson, Andrew Aquila, Charles Tarrio, Steven Grantham
Multilayer lifetime has emerged as one of the major issues for the commercialization of extreme-ultraviolet lithography (EUVL). We describe the performance of an oxidation-resistant capping layer of Ru atop multilayers that results in a reflectivity above

40 Years of Metrology With Synchrotron Radiation at SURF

September 1, 2003
Uwe Arp, Steven E. Grantham, Simon G. Kaplan, Ping-Shine Shaw, Charles S. Tarrio, Robert E. Vest
the advantages of a compact synchrotron radiation source like the Synchrotron Ultraviolet Radiation Facility for metrology in the ultraviolet and extreme ultraviolet are shown. The capabilities of the different experimental stations are explained and

Towards High Accuracy Reflectometry for Extreme-Ultraviolet Lithography

July 1, 2003
Charles S. Tarrio, S Grantham, M B. Squires, Robert E. Vest, Thomas B. Lucatorto
Currently the most demanding application of extreme ultraviolet optics is connected with the development of extreme ultraviolet lithography. Not only does each of the Mo/Si multilayer EUV stepper mirrors require the highest attainable reflectivity at 13 nm

Design and Performance of Capping Layers for EUV Multilayer Mirrors

June 1, 2003
Sasa Bajt, H N. Chapman, Nhan Nguyen, J Alameda, J C. Robinson, M Malinowski, E Gullikson, Andrew Aquila, Charles Tarrio, Steven Grantham
The reflectance stability of multilayer coatings for extreme ultraviolet lithography (EUVL) in a commercial tool environment is of utmost importance to ensure continuous exposures with minimum maintenance cost. We have made substantial progress in

Facility for Extreme Ultraviolet Reflectometry of Lithography Optics

February 1, 2003
Charles S. Tarrio, S Grantham, Thomas B. Lucatorto
Currently the most demanding application of extreme-ultraviolet (EUV) optics is in lithography. A commercial extreme-ultraviolet stepper will likely have six or more normal-incidence reflective optics, and the largest of these will be tens of cm in