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SURF III: A flexible Synchrotron Radiation Source for Radiometry and Research



Uwe Arp, Charles W. Clark, Lu Deng, Nadir S. Faradzhev, Alex P. Farrell, Mitchell L. Furst, Steven E. Grantham, Edward W. Hagley, Shannon B. Hill, Thomas B. Lucatorto, Ping-Shine Shaw, Charles S. Tarrio, Robert E. Vest


The calculability of synchrotron radiation (SR) makes electron storage rings wonderful light sources for radiometry. The broadband nature of SR allows coverage of the whole spectral region from the x-ray to the far-infrared. Compact low-energy storage rings like SURF III are perfect sources for radiometric applications, because the output spectrum can be custom-tailored to the user’s needs: Low current operations can simulate the solar spectrum, changes to the electron energy can deal with higher-order contributions of spectrometers and monochromators, and manipulation of the source size increases the lifetime or change the radiation density. At multi-user facilities these special operational conditions are generally not possible, since many users have to be satisfied simultaneously. NIST maintains at SURF one of the best SR-based calibration programs in the world: Standard lamp calibrations, detector calibrations, and measurements of optical properties are routinely performed at SURF with great reliability and accuracy.
Proceedings Title
Proceedings of the SRI 2010
Conference Dates
September 21-24, 2010
Conference Location
Chicago, IL
Conference Title
The 16th Pan-American Synchrotron Radiation Instrumentation Conference


calibration, radiometry, space instrumentation, vacuum ultraviolet
Created September 1, 2011, Updated November 10, 2018