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Local structural distortions in strained BaSrTiO3 thin films

Joseph C. Woicik, Eric L. Shirley, Keith Gilmore, K E. Andersen, C S. Hellberg
The local atomic structures in Ba0.5Sr0.5TiO3 thin films grown on MgO(001) substrates have been determined by density functional theory calculations and Ti K

Crystal Structure of the Type I Clathrate Ba8Ni4Ge42

Winnie K. Wong-Ng, Qingzhen Huang, Igor Levin, Joseph C. Woicik, Xun Shi, Jihui Yang, James A. Kaduk
The crystal structure of Type-I clathrate Ba8Ni4Ge42 has been determined using neutron powder diffraction, transmission electron microscopy (TEM, for possible

A Ferroelectric Oxide Directly on Silicon

Joseph C. Woicik, Maitri P. Warusawithana, Cheng Cen, Charles R. Sleasman, Yulan Li, Jeffery Kluga, Lena F. Kourkoutis, Hao Li, Li-Peng Wang, Michael Bedzyk, David A. Muller, Long-Qing Chen, Jeremy Levy, Darrell G. Schlom
Silicon and silicon dioxide form what is arguably the most important technological interface. With the end of Moore s-law scaling for silicon fast approaching

Structural Changes behind the Diffuse Dielectric Response in AgNbO3

Igor Levin, Victor L. Krayzman, Joseph C. Woicik, J. Karapetrova, T. Proffen, M. G. Tucker, I. M. Reaney
Structural changes among the so-called M-polymorphs of AgNbO3 were analyzed using combined high-resolution X-ray diffraction, neutron total scattering, electron

X-Ray Topography to Characterize Surface Damage on CdZnTe Crystals

David R. Black, Joseph C. Woicik, Martine Duff, Douglas Hunter, Arnold Burger, Michael Groza
Synthetic CdZnTe or CZT crystals can be used for room temperature detection of ?-radiation. Structural/morphological heterogeneities within CZT, such as

Domain Ordering of Strained 5ML SrTiO3 Films on Si(001)

P Ryan, Joseph C. Woicik, D Wermeille, J.-W Kim, C S. Hellberg, H Li
We present high resolution X-ray diffraction data indicating regularly ordered square shaped coherent domains approximately 1200A in length co-existing with