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Ultraviolet Spectrum of Platinum Lamp

NIST Standard Reference Database 112

Last Update to Data Content: July 2003 | Version HistoryDisclaimer | DOI:

Jean E. Sansonetti,1 Craig J. Sansonetti,1 Joseph Reader,1 Nicolo Acquista,Alicia M. Sansonetti, and Robert A. Dragoset 2
Quantum Measurement Division, 2PML Information Office, Physical Measurement Laboratory, NIST, Gaithersburg, MD 20899


The spectrum of a platinum hollow-cathode lamp containing neon carrier gas was recorded photographically and photoelectrically with a 10.7 m normal-incidence vacuum spectrograph. Wavelengths and intensities were determined for about 5600 lines in the region 1130 Å to 4330 Å. An atlas plot of the spectrum is given, with the spectral lines marked and their intensities, wavelengths, and classifications listed. Lines of impurity species are also identified. The uncertainty of the photographically measured wavelengths is estimated to be ± 0.0020 Å. The uncertainty of lines measured in the photoelectric scans is 0.01 Å for wavelengths shorter than 2030 Å and 0.02 Å for longer wavelengths. Ritz-type wavelengths are given for many of the classified lines of Pt II with uncertainties varying from ± 0.0004 Å to ± 0.0025 Å. The uncertainty of the relative intensities is estimated to be about 20%.


  1. Index of Wavelengths
  2. Foreword
  3. Introduction
  4. Photographic Observations
  5. Photoelectric Observations
  6. Description of the Atlas
  7. Accuracy of Wavelengths
  8. References
  9. Acknowledgments
  10. Notes for the Atlas

NIST Standard Reference Database 112 | Customer Support | Online: June 20, 1994 | Last update: July 2003


Created June 24, 2009, Updated December 6, 2019