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Ion Storage Group Members

Image of Ion Storage Group Members



Position Phone
John Bollinger Group Leader, Physicist


James Chou Physicist 303-497-3987
David Hume Physicist 303-497-4364
Dietrich Leibfried Physicist 303-497-7880
David Leibrandt Physicist 303-497-7292
Daniel Slichter Physicist


Andrew Wilson Physicist 303-497-6144
David J. Wineland Research Associate  
Matt Affolter NIST Affiliate 303-497-4083
James C. Bergquist Scientist Emeritus 303-497-5459
Kevin Boyce NIST Affiliate 303-497-6448
Shaun Burd NIST Affiliate 303-497-5783
Dalton Chaffee NIST Affiliate 303-497-6199
Ethan Clements NIST Affiliate 303-497-4878
Daniel Cole NIST Affiliate 303-497-4685
Alejandra Collopy NIST Affiliate


Jacob Cook NIST Affiliate  
Kaifeng Cui NIST Affiliate 303-497-3534
Robert Drullinger Physicist 303-497-3183
Stephen Erickson NIST Affiliate 303-497-4446
Kevin Gilmore NIST Affiliate 303-497-4214
Panyu Hou NIST Affiliate 303-497-7295
Wayne Itano Scientist Emeritus 303-497-5632
Elena Jordan NIST Affiliate 303-497-7415
Jonas Keller NIST Affiliate 303-497-4149
May Kim NIST Affiliate 303-497-5798
Hannah Knaack NIST Affiliate 303-497-3597
Felix Knollman NIST Affiliate 303-497-4213
Justin Niedermeyer NIST Affiliate


Julian Schmidt NIST Affiliate 303-497-5534
Raghavendra Srinivas NIST Affiliate 303-497-4516
Laurent Stephenson NIST Affiliate 303-497-4149
Jose Valencia NIST Affiliate 303-497-6319
Yong Wan NIST Affiliate 303-497-4213
Jenny Wu NIST Affiliate 303-497-4578
Created May 12, 2016, Updated February 19, 2020