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SPD Anthology, Tutorials, Textbooks, and Reviews

How to browse this part:

For a printer-friendly pdf table of contents of this part, click here: Pt 6 Contents

On-line browsing for this Part 6 of the Anthology is different from the other parts because it contains too many large files, which would make global on-line downloading of all files cumbersome and slow. Instead, I have grouped the paper files into several categories, as tabulated below, which can be accessed directly, one at a time. For each category you can do a word search in the "Text" MS Word file for all the papers included in that category. The papers are listed in their chronological order within each category to give you a perspective about the evolution of subject interests over the years. The file size is shown (red flag above the capacity of a 3½ floppy) for you to anticipate the downloading time according to the speed of your Internet access server.

Many of the papers included in this Part 6 were presented to disseminate the same subjects and concerns that were then emerging among different audiences on both sides of the Atlantic. Consequently, when placed next to each other, some might appear redundant. Collecting all of them - the very purpose of an anthology being to make them all available - might create for you a feeling of déjà vu, so that I offer this explanation in advance.

Best wishes and good browsing !

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CategoryFile hyperlinkPaper titleDateMB
Lecture HandoutsTransient seminarTransient overvoltage protection seminar19793.2
Undefined realTransient overvoltage protection in the undefined real world environment19790.8
Cellular RadioElectrical protection of cellular radio sites19831.3
NBS ForumLine conducted disturbances - Origins and control19843.8
Text LecturesWord-searchable file of Lecture Handouts20040.3
Protective DevicesMOV announce BWMetal-oxide varistor: A new way to suppress transients (B/W)19720.6
MOV announce ColMetal-oxide varistor: A new way to suppress transients (full color)19723.1
ImplicationsTransient overvoltage protection: The implications of new techniques19810.6
NEMP MOVLightning and NEMP transient protection with metal oxide varistors19821.1
Suppress-clampSurge suppressors and clamps19860.7
Glimpse TOVA glimpse at long-term effects of momentary overvoltages on ZnO varistors19890.5
Lights don't tellWhat are the lights on your surge protector telling you?19980.8
Lingering legaciesLingering lead length legacies20040.5
Text Prot DevicesWord-searchable file of Protective Devices papers20040.1
Site SurveysPQ FFFPower quality site surveys: Facts, fiction, and fallacies19881.5
Out of chaosPower quality measurements: bringing order out of chaos19880.7
Monitoring PQMonitoring power quality19901.6
Site surveysSystems and instruments in site surveys19903.3
No joulesNo joules for surges: Relevant and realistic assessment of surge stress threats19950.6
Make senseSurge recordings that make sense: Shifting focus from voltage to current measurements19960.4
Joules Yes-NoSurge recordings that make sense: Joules deposition: Yes! - "Joule content": Never!19970.8
GaloreThe fallacy of monitoring surge voltages: SPDs and PCs galore!19990.8
EnlighteningSome enlightening case histories on lightning damage20001.6
Text Site SurveysWord-searchable file of Site Surveys papers20040.5
Standards ReviewsGuideline EMCA guideline on surge voltages on AC power circuits rated up to 1000 V19790.7
Guideline IEEEThe development of a guideline on surge voltages in low-voltage AC power circuits19790.8
ConsensusA consensus on powering and grounding sensitive electronic equipment19861.0
Standard for 90sA standard for the 90s: IEEE C62.41 surges ahead19910.9
TransnationalStandards : Transnational aspects19910.4
PQ Work at IECPower quality work at the International Electrotechnical Commission19970.4
Trilogy updateThe Trilogy update of IEEE Std C62.4120000.6
New IEEE StdsNew IEEE standards foster next-generation system compatibility20020.7
Text Std ReviewsWord-searchable file of Standards Reviews papers20040.3
System CompatibilityPerform criteriaPerformance criteria for power-system compatibility19920.7
TVSS compatibilityCharacterization of TVSS from a system compatibility perspective19921.1
SRE linkAn important link in whole-house protection: Surge reference equalizers19930.8
Troubleshoot PQConsumer power quality problems: Troubleshooting by telephone20022.0
Text CompatibilityWord-searchable file of TVSS Compatibility papers20040.3
System Protection TechniquesProtect techniquesSurge protection techniques in low-voltage AC power systems19791.3
Coordination 1982The coordination of transient protection for solid-state power conversion equipment19820.9
Protect solar cellsLightning protection of roof-mounted solar cells19831.0
Protect industrialThe protection of industrial electronics and equipment against power & data line disturbances19642.0
Protect electronicsThe protection of computer & electronic systems against power supply and data lines disturbances19852.8
PhotovoltaicLightning and surge protection of photovoltaic installations - Vulcano and Kythnos19891.6
Protect computersProtecting computer systems against power transients19900.6
Update guideUpdate on a consumer-oriented guide for surge protection19990.9
Text Protect TechWord-searchable file of System Protection Techniques papers20040.4
Transient Control LevelsTCL ProposalTransient control levels: A proposal for insulation coordination in low-voltage systems19760.2
TCL for convertersTransient Control Levels: A better way to voltage ratings in power converter applications19760.6
TCL philosophyTransient control level philosophy and Implementation - Part I: Reasoning behind the philosophy19770.5
TCL testingTransient control level philosophy and implementation - Part 2: Techniques and equipment for testing19770.9
TCL for TelcoTransient Control Levels: A new concept licks an old telco problem19770.4
TCL generatorsTransient Control Level test generators19771.2
Text TCLWord-searchable file of Transient Control Level papers20040.3

Annex A
Contributions to IEC Joint Working Group


PostulatesOvervoltage protection: Principles, postulates and perceptions19940.1
RevisitingRevisiting reality checks on the surge environment19950.2
End UserSurge protection of end-user equipment19950.1
Annex B
Surges Happen!
Surges Happen!Surges Happen! - How to protect the appliances in your home (NIST Special Publication 960-6)20011.8
Annex C
US Patents
Patents PerspectivePatents and perspective on surge protection for low-voltage circuits20042.5
Created November 20, 2015, Updated September 26, 2016