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SPD Anthology, Part 8 - Coordination of cascaded surge-protective devices

How to browse this part:

Citations Part 8 will give you a list of all paper citations, with annotations, for the subject category Coordination of cascaded surge-protective devices. This MSW file can be word-searched for authors and topics. Direct hyperlinks to accessible individual papers are also shown in displays of the citations.

All papers Part 8 will give you the complete set of the Part 8 papers (Note: 140 pages, 10 MB in pdf, it might take a few minutes to download, depending on your Internet access setup). After downloading that file, you can speed up your search for a given paper by scrolling down in the "Thumbnails" palette, looking for the paper titles that appear in large bold thumbnails. Alternately, you can look in the "Bookmarks" palette for the abbreviated paper FILENAMES. These will appear without the section subheadings for the palette tree in + mode. By toggling from the + to the - mode on any given paper FILENAME, you will pop up the section headings and figures numbers for that paper.

To download separately the individual papers, listed below:

The pdf files of each individual paper (bit map, not searchable) are generally large, as indicated in the [xx MB] accompanying the filename abbreviation (which is the hyperlink) and the complete paper title in the following chronological list. Knowing which paper is of interest to you, as determined by your word search or by a seemingly interesting title, you can go directly to that one paper. To speed-up your search, each pdf file includes thumbnails and bookmarks palettes. The bookmarks show the section headings and the figure/table numbers corresponding to the figure captions or table titles that are included in the Text Part 8 file.

Coordination 1976 — Surge voltage suppression in residential power circuits (1976) [1.2 MB]

Coordination 1978 — Coordination of overvoltage protection in low-voltage residential systems (1978) [0.5 MB]

Coordination 1980 — Coordination of surge protectors in low-voltage AC power circuits (1980) [0.4 MB]

Coordination 1982 — The coordination of surge protectors in low-voltage AC power circuits (1980) [0.9 MB]

Coordination 1991 — Cascading surge-protective devices: Coordination versus the IEC 664 staircase (1991) [0.8 MB]

Coordination 1992 — Cascading surge-protective devices: Options for effective implementations (1992) [0.9 MB]

Coordination 1993 — Coordinating cascaded surge-protective devices: Hi-Low versus Low-High (1993) [0.8 MB]

Gapped arresters — Gapped arresters revisited: A solution to cascade coordination (1998) [0.9 MB]

Role of SPDs — The role and stress of surge-protective devices in sharing lightning current (2002) [0.5 MB]


Bibliography 1992 — Annotated bibliography Application of surge-protective devices and coordination of cascades [3.1 MB]

Created November 23, 2015, Updated November 22, 2019