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SPD Anthology, Monitoring instruments, Laboratory measurements, and Test methods

How to browse this part: 

Citations Part 5 — will give you a list of all paper citations, with annotations, for the topic category Monitoring instruments, Laboratory measurements, and Test methods. This MSW file can be word-searched for authors and topics. Direct hyperlinks to accessible individual papers are also shown in displays of the citations.

Note: In contrast with other parts of the Anthology, an All Papers Part 5 file has not been included because the total file size would exceed 40 MB - impractical to download and scroll for most users. Individual papers are accessible via the hyperlinks shown below.

To download separately the individual papers, listed below:

The pdf files of each individual paper (bit map, not searchable) are generally large, as indicated in the [xx MB] accompanying the filename abbreviation (which is the hyperlink) and the complete paper title in the following chronological list. Knowing which paper is of interest to you, as determined by your word search or by a seemingly interesting title, you can go directly to that one paper. To speed-up your search, each pdf file includes thumbnails and bookmarks palettes. The bookmarks show the section headings and the figure/table numbers corresponding to the figure captions or table titles that are included in the Text Part 5 file.

Rate of rise — Effect of rate of rise on reverse breakdown of silicon diodes (1963) [0.4 MB]

Surge counter — Low cost surge counter (1964) [0.3 MB]

Reverse semicon — Semiconductor performance under reverse transient over-voltages (1964/1967) [2.0 MB]

Hi-speed recorder — High speed transient recorder (1968) [0.4 MB]

Impulse testers — High-voltage impulse testers (1975) [0.4 MB]

TCL generator — Transient control level test generators (1977) [01.1 MB]

TCL testing — Transient control level philosophy & implementation, Pt II: Techniques & equipment for TCL tests(1977) [0.9 MB]

TCL Philosophy — Transient control level philosophy & Implementation, Pt I: Reasoning behind the philosophy (1977) [0.5 MB]

Propagation 1978 — Lightning protection of residential AC wiring (1978) [1.4 MB]

Don't kid-kill — Surge testing: Don't kid yourself, don't kill yourself (1988) [0.5 MB]

PQ surveys FFF — Power quality surveys: Facts, fiction, and fallacies (1988) [1.5 MB]

Monitoring PQ — Monitoring power quality (1990) [1.5 MB]

Real waves — Real, realistic ring waves for surge testing (1991) [0.4 MB]

Upsdown surging — Surging the Upside-Down House: Looking into upsetting references (1994) [0.5 MB]

Upsdown measure — Surging the Upside-Down House: Measurement and modeling techniques (1995) [1.0 MB]

Keeping up — Keeping up with the reality of todayís surge environment (1995) [1.0 MB]

Make sense — Surge recordings that make sense: shifting focus from voltage to current measurements (1996) [0.4 MB]

No joules — No joules for surges: Relevant and realistic assessment of surge stress threats (1996) [0.6 MB]

Joules Yes-No — Surge recordings that make sense: Joules deposition: Yes! - Joule contentí: Never! (1997) [0.8 MB]

Galore — The fallacy of monitoring surge voltages: SPDs and PCs Galore (1999) [0.8 MB]

Novel transducer — A novel transducer for monitoring surges in AC mains: Expectations and reality (2000) [1.0 MB]

PQ IEC Standard — A new IEC Standard on the measurement of power quality parameters (2000) [0.4 MB]

Lingering legacies — Lingering lead length legacies (2002) [0.4 MB]

BBBSD — Black boxes, Blind spots, and Disconnectors: How not to test SPDs (2004) [0.3 MB]


Discuss A&E&M — Discussion of Rural Alaska Electric Power Quality (1985) [0.9 MB]

Discuss A&S — Discussion of Monitoring of computer installations for power line disturbances (1974) [0.7 MB]

Discuss O&B — Discussion of Measurement of voltage and current surges on the AC power line in computer and industrial environments (1985) [0.9 MB]

Foust 1931 — Instruments for lightning measurements (1931) [2.8 MB]

PQ Monitoring — PQ Monitoring: Where do we go from here? (2002) [7.5 MB]

Created November 18, 2015, Updated April 30, 2019