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EBIT Magnetic Field System

The Magnetic field system -- The electron gun, drift tubes, and collector all lie on the axis of a magnetic field established by the superconducting Helmholtz coils, which compresses the electron beam.

The superconducting magnet is a pair of Helmholtz coils with a 6 cm diameter cold bore that includes eight radial observation ports. The magnetic field in the ion trap region is 3 T. This field is used to compress the electron beam to a radius of 30 µm and increase its current density of over 4000 A/cm2 in the trap region. Outside the electron gun and collector there are additional magnets to cancel out the fringing field of the superconducting coils. The collector magnet is cooled by liquid nitrogen and the electron gun magnet is cooled by a chilled perfluorated liquid which can withstand high voltages and which has high specific heat.

EBIT magnets

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Created October 30, 2015, Updated August 25, 2016