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High Megawatt September 2015 Presentations

Proceedings Summary 



Key Questions

Introduction and Background

  1. Allen Hefner
  2. Zia Rahman

Panel 1: Low-Loss Soft Magnetics Panel (Pawel Gradzki):

  1. Pawel Gradzki
  2. Jun Cui
  3. Mike McHenry
  4. Paul Ohodnicki
  5. 20 minute discussion period

Panel 2: Superconducting Machines Panel (Zia Rahman):

  1. Mike Tomsic
  2. Qiang Li
  3. Bill Magee
  4. Goran Majkic
  5. 25 minute discussion period

Panel 3: High Performance Conductors Panel (Scott Coombe):

  1. Matteo Pasqual
  2. Quanfang Chen
  3. David Forrest
  4. 20 minute discussion period

Panel 4: Other Enabling Technologies Panel (Steve Boyd):

  1. Leslie Bromberg
  2. Ayman El-Refaie
  3. Jeffrey Sullivan
  4. 20 minute discussion period

Discussion Session - Key Questions and Findings of the Workshop (Ron Wolk, Al Hefner)

Key questions notes

Created September 23, 2015, Updated August 25, 2016