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High Megawatt April 2016 Presentations

Proceedings Summary 



Key Questions

Introduction and Background

  1. Allen Hefner
  2. Anant Agarwal

Panel 1: Grid Power Electronics (Al Hefner):

  1. Kathleen O'Brian
  2. Peter Steimer
  3. Fred Wang
  4. Geza Joos
  5. 30 minute discussion period

Panel 2: Medium Voltage WBG Devices and Converters Development (Ravi Raju):

  1. Jeffrey Casady
  2. Fang Peng
  3. Dushan Boroyevich
  4. Subashish Bhattacharya
  5. 30 minute discussion period

Panel 3: Applications of MV Power Electronics for Advanced Distribution Grids (Leo Casey):

  1. Shalom Flank
  2. James Perkinson
  3. Tom McDermott
  4. Alejandro Montenegro
  5. 30 minute discussion period

Discussion Session: Identification Early Adopters and Transformative Approaches (Al Hefner)

  1. What are early adoption opportunities for SiC power devices in medium-voltage distribution grid applications?
  2. What transformative medium-voltage distribution grid paradigms might be enabled in the future by pervasive availability of low-cost HV-HF wide-bandgap semiconductors?
  3. What near term prototype demonstrations might enable more rapid market adoption of wide-bandgap power electronics in medium-voltage distribution grid applications and more rapid advancement toward new grid paradigms?
  4. What are specifications of wide-bandgap power semiconductor modules, passive components, and PCSs needed for these applications?

Key questions notes

Created June 22, 2016, Updated June 2, 2021