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Materials Measurement Science Division Groups

Data and AI-Driven Materials Science Group

The Data and AI-Driven Materials Science Group develops methods, algorithms, data, and tools, to accelerate the discovery, development, commercialization, and circularity of industrially-relevant materials. We enable the trustworthy use of data and AI-driven methodologies within both experimental

Materials Structure and Data Group

The Materials Structure and Data Group develops and disseminates measurement science, standards, and technology for determination of the structure of advanced materials; determines, compiles, evaluates, and disseminates key data and computational tools needed to establish the relationships between

Microscopy and Microanalysis Research Group

Performs research and develops metrology to advance, promote and ensure robust and quantitative microscopy and microanalysis to address stakeholder needs in diverse areas of materials science. Electron, ion, and photon interactions with matter are used to enable the compositional, structural, and

Nano Materials Research Group

We develop metrology to advance nanomaterial research and applications to benefit U.S. commerce. Our world-class measurement science determines the physical and chemical properties of a wide variety of organic, inorganic, biomolecular and hybrid systems, where materials are in the nanoscale regime

Nanomechanical Properties Group

Our group develops and provides measurement science, measurement standards, and measurement technology for various characterization techniques needed by U.S. industry to better apply materials and components in a wide range of applications.

Security Technologies Group

The Security Technologies Group conducts research and develops and disseminates the measurement science to support the development of performance-based standards for and promote the advancement of the technologies used in trauma-mitigating materials and material systems, the sensing of concealed

Surface and Trace Chemical Analysis Group

The Surface and Trace Chemical Analysis Group develops, improves and standardizes analytical techniques used for the elemental, organic, isotopic, and morphological characterization of surfaces, thin films and particles. Develops novel methods of chemical analysis based on optical microscopy, mass

Synchrotron Science Group

The Synchrotron Science Group advances X-ray measurements of materials through NIST developed and operated beamlines at the National Synchrotron Light Source II (NSLS II). Measurements are developed to support collaborative projects across NIST and the NSLS II user community. The group advances this