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Security Technologies Group

The Security Technologies Group conducts research and develops and disseminates the measurement science to support the development of performance-based standards for and promote the advancement of the technologies used in trauma-mitigating materials and material systems, the sensing of concealed threats and contraband, advanced composites, high-performance materials, safety, security, and forensics.

Our group supports the development of performance-based standards for technologies used by law enforcement, corrections, emergency response, and the military; and advances these technologies to support the needs of these stakeholders by leading standards development organizations to develop standards and conformity assessment programs and establishing reference measurement facilities. We perform basic phenomenology and measurement science research to support the advancement and application of ballistic-resistant and trauma-mitigating materials, concealed object sensing and imaging, high-strength polymeric materials, and advanced composites.

News and Updates

Projects and Programs

Hierarchical Materials

The STG conducts and performs research on advanced hierarchical nanocomposites used for protection, infrastructure, health monitoring, and self-healing

Safety and Security Technologies

The safety and security of citizens is enhanced when law enforcement and “criminal justice” agencies and the military use the appropriate and properly


Tools and Instruments

Cabinet x-ray system

The Smiths Detection 6046si cabinet x-ray system was designed for security screening of bags, parcels and other objects of similar size. The system runs at 160

X-ray Backscatter Systems

X-ray backscatter systems are used for the screening of personnel for hidden weapons and other contraband. Unlike conventional radiographic x-ray systems,