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2023 - Hetényi Award for Best Research Paper Experimental Mechanics---Alexander Landauer

Headshot of Alexander Landauer
Credit: Riley Wilson

Experimental Mechanics publishes papers that address experiments and experimental systems, including theory and computational aspects, to characterize materials and material systems that push the boundaries of experimental mechanics. Alexander Landauer of the Materials Measurement Science Division Security Technologies Group and collaborators at the University of Wisconsin-Madison and Brown University recently published a new microscopy-based technique to measure volumetric displacement and strain at impact-like strain rates. This work pushed the temporal boundaries of volumetric mechanics measurements in the soft material microscopy application space by at least a factor of 5 over previously published work and included rigorous synthetic and experimental validations. The paper is titled "High-Speed, 3D Volumetric Displacement and Strain Mapping in Soft Materials Using Light Field Microscopy" and appeared on the cover of the November issue of Experimental Mechanics. The paper was co-first authored by Selda Buyukozturk (Brown University) and Alex and the project was co-lead by Alex and Christian Franck (UW-Madison).

Created May 22, 2023, Updated May 24, 2023