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Pennsylvania Manufacturing Extension Partnership

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PA MEP serves small and medium sized manufacturers in the state by enhancing their productivity and technological performance to create a positive and enduring economic impact in their communities and in Pennsylvania. Small and medium-sized manufacturing companies represent 12% of the total gross state product. According to the U.S. Policy Institute, Pennsylvania ranks 5th in the nation among all the states in manufacturing employment. Manufacturing businesses provide over 578,000 jobs in Pennsylvania, representing approximately one out of every 11 jobs in the state. Managed by the Pennsylvania Industrial Resource Center Foundation, the PA MEP is a public-private partnership sponsored by NIST MEP. The PA MEP is also supported by the Pennsylvania Department of Community and Economic Development and by the manufacturers who receive essential training and consulting services to increase competitiveness and grow their companies.

To serve the regional diversity of the state’s manufacturing base, PA MEP manages MEP federal funding and program outcomes for a network of seven Industrial Resource Centers who are regional affiliates strategically focused on meeting the needs of the geographic region. Affiliates include: Catalyst Connection (southwest); DVIRC (southeast); IMC (central); MANTEC (south central); MRC (Lehigh Valley); NEPIRC (northeast); and NWIRC (northwest). 

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Success Stories

Developing Future Leaders: The Fiber of Electri-Cord Manufacturing’s Culture

Reported Year
Faced with high employee turnover numbers and with the desire to provide a better work environment for its current employees, Electri-Cord made the decision to further develop a group of employees who they felt possessed traits of impactful leaders – but just needed a bit more pruning. By investing in these folks and giving them the chance to grow

American Paper Bag Sacks Outdated Processes in Favor of Innovation

Reported Year
APB sought to increase its capacity over the next five years, including the addition of five conversion machines and a printing press. The company wanted to ensure that its growth in capacity was planned appropriately with a support structure in place to maximize effectiveness and efficiency. For help APB turned to NEPIRC, part of the Pennsylvania

Continuous Improvement Assistance

Reported Year
Metal Solutions needed help expanding the basic understanding of lean manufacturing techniques among the workforce and determining the potential to increase the velocity of how products go through the system efficiently. Leadership turned to Catalyst Connection, part of the Pennsylvania MEP and the MEP National Network™.
Created March 18, 2019, Updated January 14, 2023