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Marcal Invests in Training ahead of New Equipment Investment


Marcal is owned by Atlas Holdings, LLC. Atlas, founded in 2002, is headquartered in Greenwich, Connecticut. Atlas and its affiliates own 16 companies employing nearly 20,000 associates. With more than 100 facilities across the globe, Atlas generates an estimated $4 billion in annual revenue. Marcal Paper manufactures and provides recycled tissue and towels for use in homes, schools, restaurants, hotels, and hospitals.

The Challenge

The company is investing in new equipment and technologies to become even more competitive. Plans include new production lines, new packing lines, robotics and more, but implementing these new technologies is usually disruptive for a company, as they change how work is done. Marcal's leadership turned to IMC, the Innovative Manufacturers’ Center, part of the Pennsylvania MEP and the MEP National Network™, for help managing the process.
We make investments where and when our workforce is skilled and ready. The training was a solid foundation for supervisor development.
— Steve Prentiss, VP HR

MEP's Role

Marcal sought training that would prepare its managers to manage change as the company's new investments were deployed. Specifically, Marcal's leadership wanted training that would help managers understand the psychology of change and how to accelerate change. Leadership feared that without these skills, the company's investments may not have the desired impacts.  The training was successful, driving confidence for Marcal's leadership to make the millions of dollars in investment.
Created April 4, 2024